Thursday, 14 March 2019


The work is continuing at the Cooksleys site to refit the unit.

We are hearing that the unit could be a new specialist Charity shop.  Like with all these proposals they are subject to the process.

We will let you know when we hear more.

Jennys and Pizza Hut are both going through refits.  Domino's pizza are also moving fast towards their very popular opening.


In 2019 the first three issues of the community newspaper Mill Hill Today have been read by record numbers.  There is now an average readership of 4,000 per month with up to nearly 7,000 on the most read month.

The new design has proved very popular.  The sections are easier to access. Every month there are features from local people on business and organisations.  Plus regular writers from shops and community organisations.

Articles are not edited as such. Just formatted. So your words are your own.  There is no agenda, so all views are welcome.

This probably explains why Mill Hill Today is becoming so popular.

You can read it on the World's biggest publishing site, at where you get an inbuilt reader to make it accessible to all but the oldest of devices. You can zoom, share, and much more.

If you want to write a feature, article, review for the next issue then the deadline is Sunday 24 March. Send all copy to

Tuesday, 12 March 2019


Today at the Hartley Hall the developers for the Pentavia Development have put on an informative and well run exhibition

With plenty of information and people to talk with about the plans.  A very professional presentation which at least means the development should be run well.

The key change in this new proposal is the affordable homes. 41% of the development  Ticking every box for the Mayor and the Barnet Housing plan.  It is like the biggest gift to the administrations in reaching the targets.

That is why, despite the huge access problems, the density, and its position regarding air cleanliness the development will probably go through.

Why?  Our views about the area and infrastructure have been ignored for the last 20 years as Mill Hill has changed beyond recognition.  This and NIMR plus Beaufort Park and the current development on Aerodrome Road College site show our area is growing fast. Hardly any infrastructure has been put in place.  The station and roads jammed for hours every day.  So why would the Mayor listen. The original development has been tweaked to tick the boxes.  The developers are top professionals.

It will be sad to look over Mill Hill and see such a large housing development breaking the views and changing forever the feel of the area.  However, if we spoke to the original inhabitants on this road in 1919 about the forthcoming developments they may have said the same thing about this very High Street that has grown up with Millway and Flower estates.

We need to write in the hope that the Mayor may realise the site should not be subject to over 800 units.  400 would be nearer the mark, but 200 preferable.  I very much doubt with the pressure he is under that he can say no.

If the project is waved through, I would hope that the developers would work closely with the Neighbourhood Forum and Residents Association to make it the least painful and maybe try to integrate the development into the area. The people moving in will be our neighbours. We must not forget that in our dismay. They deserve a good place to live and a welcoming community.  We may have our misgivings if it goes through but rather than let it define the area we must make it part of Mill Hill and do our best to absorb it into our wonderful way of life.   I am sure that the Neighbourhood Forum, our MP and councillors will fight hard to make the best of things.  We must as well.

The decision making process is below.  Make sure you write to the Mayor and Pentavia with your ideas and observations.  Let's not ever give up.  We all love Mill Hill.

Saturday, 9 March 2019


LPAC return to Mill Hill.


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The work is continuing at the Cooksleys site to refit the unit. We are hearing that the unit could be a new specialist Charity shop.  Like...