Friday, 29 March 2019


With our website getting 13k reads per month and our twitter over a million a year we decided to help those who are on Facebook join the news account.  Facebook is an ugly place much of the time so we decided that if we went on the platform we would have a high moderator to members ratio.

We launch on Sunday and expect around 500 members by Christmas. We have 6 moderators at present which means we can have 300 members because we are working on the ratio of 1 moderator to 50 members.

We have read other groups on Facebook and seen the arguments and misinformation that happens. So many people would love to have a properly moderated safe space.

We hope our safe space will be just that and as the group grows we will see how it works.

So join us and post your news and views. In addition our accounts on Instagram, and Twitter go from strength to strength. Both slowly building a reputation for the best news free of political or any other agenda.

The Broadway accounts and Mill Hill Today accounts are our only accounts. Over 15 people are involved in delivering them. These accounts are owned by the Arc Media Group who are independent. They are run voluntarily and any ad revenue from Mill Hill Today is donated in full to the local Neighbourhood Forum who are the areas largest democratic community group. The monies then pay for small community extras. If you read the Mill Hill Guide you will be aware of this.

We are not involved with the current twitter and Facebook wars raging on other pages/groups between different political factions.  We are proudly non political and have been since we started.

So come join the positive news revolution and enjoy being part of a genuine caring and sharing community.  The negative people can happily rant and rave on Facebook etc but we don't care because our views and impressions show that people like reading good news. 😁 👍 🎶


The new pizza hut reopened this week. On Wednesday they had a £1 pizza day.  It was qing from 12 o'clock and the qs snaked down the street between 3.30 and 7pm as hungry locals took advantage of the offer.

Once again this shows the huge popularity of our pizza restaurants here in Mill Hill.  We think Domino's is opening very soon once staff training finishes. The restaurant looks great. Pizza Hut also looks fantastic


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Sunday, 24 March 2019


Pizza Hut on the Broadway is looking fantastic after its refit. See the photos.

Offering a special offer menu at £5 call in to see what they are now doing.

Dominos pizza with seating is about to open and we will bring you photos.

Jennys has a new frontage and the work inside has begun. Still a few weeks away from re opening. Again we will keep you posted.


MILL HILL MUSIC FESTIVAL 2019 | Line Up and Ticket Prices announced

The line up has been announced this weekend for the bi-annual Mill Hill Music Festival which is a light music festival and probably the only one of its type in London.   Highlights include legendary band THE FOUNDATIONS as well as some G & S and the BBC Elstree Concert Band playing Movie tunes.

All the information is at this link

The easiest way to get hold of tickets is in person at MILL HILL WINES here on the Broadway and they will accept CASH or CHEQUES.    Dont leave it too late to book the main events because they usually sell out in advance.

LONDON PRO ARTE CHOIR | Concert Review Mendelssohn etc | SAT 23 MARCH 2019

Mendelssohn   Hear My Prayer
Bruckner Christus Factus Est
Bruckner Locus Iste
Mendelssohn Verleih uns Frieden
Wesley Ascribe unto the Lord
Mendelssohn Lauda Sion

Louisa Kataria Soprano
Isabelle Blain Alto
William Glendinning Tenor
Ciaran Yeo Bass
Charles Andrews Organ
Tom Winpenny Conductor

St Michael's church is one of the best venues for intimate choral concerts.  With its very high wooden ceilings and rectangular shape it provides an excellent acoustic meaning that the audience of around 200 can hear and see perfectly.  So I was looking forward to this programme of Sacred Music in a Church setting.  It did not disappoint.

The opening piece Hear My Prayer by Mendelssohn is very well known.  The solo Oh For the Wings of a Dove was a best selling recording last century - selling in the millions.   Although in this century it is rarer to hear it.   The soprano soloist Louisa Kataria started the evening with a soaring version and the Pro Arte Choir, enjoying their role, supported her superbly.  It really set the tone for an evening of beautiful Sacred music.

The other pieces in the first half included two by Bruckner including the much sung Locus Iste which is a short and lovely introit.  It finished with the complex Ascribe unto the Lord by Wesley.  This was sung with great commitment and the tenors and basses leading the sopranos/altos were  directed by Tom Winpenny  who kept it moving along nicely to its huge conclusion.

The interval at these concerts has become legend.   Drinks are served in the church as you would expect but there is the famous Produce Stall which we were told prior to the Concert ( in the welcome by the Church's vicar) actually makes the most desirable seating next to it so that concert goers can get in first at the stall !  By the time I can get near they are usually sold out!

After the interval we all settled down to hear a beautiful 30 minute setting of Aquinas's text Lauda Sion.  Written to illuminate the doctrine of transubstantiation.  Not often performed in concerts and so it was a real treat to hear this.

The choir are now producing a very rounded sound.   It suited this piece with its mellow tones.  So whenever the choir sang it was easy to feel the ritual elements of the music.   The soloists were all very young which has become a trademark of these concerts.  The Pro Arte choir is to be congratulated on this - giving emerging singers a chance to show their great skills in concert performances is brilliant.   As an audience we could be seeing stars of the future and certainly the quality was very high.

The soprano soloist Louisa Kataria from the first half returned and had the majority of the solos in this second half.  At only about 18 years old she has a clarity of a young Lucy Crowe and if she continues to add depth and power to her voice she is certainly a singer to watch, and I think her voice would really suit Handel repertoire (and yes I saw Lucy Crowe near the start of her career !)  Isabelle Blain joined her in a superb duet and the tenor and bass of Ciaran Yeo and William Glendinning blended beautifully when the four soloists were working together.  Really exceptional singing from all four of them.

Throughout the evening the organist Charles Andrews accompanied in a sensitive way.  He makes the organ in the church sound far grander than the specification on the National Pipe Register would suggest !

The audience and myself left just after 9p.m thoroughly entertained and rested from the beautiful programme which had been presented.  Thank you to all who sang and played and organised such a successful event.   The church was full to the back yet again.  These concerts have become central to many people in the area and beyond, due to their quality and the low ticket price of just £14/£15.  Long may they continue and if you have not been then you are missing out on some of the best nights of music in this part of NW London.  Make sure you come to the next concert - details below.


Chilcott - Dance of Time
McDowall - A Fancy of Folksongs
Copland - Old American Songs

End of Concert Bows

End of Concert Applause





With our website getting 13k reads per month and our twitter over a million a year we decided to help those who are on Facebook join the n...